The unusual monument of Poltava dumpling

In Poltava, in the Cathedral Square stands an unusual monument of Poltava dumpling. Sculptors depicts a large deep dish with ready to eat 12 dumplings and spoon.

Poltava dumpling

to Poltava Ukrainian national dish - dumplings, it was implemented. Confined to the bottom of the birth of Nikolai Gogol (1809 - 1852) the grand opening of the monument "Ukrainian dumplings", built on sponsorship donations (one hundred thousand hryvnia), held at the Cathedral Square of the city near the Holy Dormition Cathedral April 1, 2006.

However, the proximity of the location of the monument caused discontent parishioners, and Poltava management decided to postpone it for two hundred meters to the opposite side of Cathedral Square. Since that time, in Poltava annually holiday named in his honor - Holiday dumplings, where you can enjoy a favorite treat in the folk atmosphere yes to the accompaniment of theatrical performance.

Monument dumplings in Poltava - a symbolic memorial in honor of the traditional region of Poltava Ukrainian cuisine - dumplings, one of the city's symbol, the personification of generosity and wealth. Located in a quiet and picturesque corner in the historic part of Poltava - at the Cathedral Square on Ivanova mountain, near the eponymous restaurant.

The monument was unveiled April 1, 2006 for a day of laughter, and is dedicated to the birthday of writer Nikolay Gogol,
famous for his work in the national Ukrainian dish dumplings.

Poltava dumpling

The authors constructed of stone of the monument are the people's artist of Ukraine  Anatoliy Chornoschokov and Nicholay Tsys.
The monument was erected for the sponsorship. It costs about 100 thousand hryvnia.
Poltava dumpling is a traditional Ukrainian dish, as well as one of the symbols of Ukraine. This interesting monument became a symbol of Poltava.

Poltava dumpling


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