Ukrainians Known in the World

The Famous Ukrainians

Ukraine - a country that has produced many wonderful people. The great historians, scientists, athletes, actors and captains have Ukrainian roots. Do not believe me? Here are some famous Ukrainian people, see for yourself. The Famous Ukrainian Writers Taras Shevchenko (3/9/1814 - 3/10/1861) - Ukrainian and Russian poet and prose writer, artist. Shevchenko's literary heritage is the foundation of the Ukrainian literature and modern literary Ukrainian language. Vladimir Dahl (1801-1872) - The author of the famous dictionary of the Russian language was Ukrainian. Yes, the famous writer,...

The Cossack Mamay

The history of the Ukrainian people is a story of struggle. Permanent war, the daily struggle with the enemy - be it the Polish gentry or Tatar raids - tempered by peace-loving Ukrainian people. And the Ukrainian land bore the warrior-defender. The Cossack Mamay is a collective image of the Cossack knight. At the time the image Cossack Mamay present in many homes. He was regarded as a nostalgic way of lost glory and freedom, protecting homes. Most popular image Cossack Mamay compete even with the icons. The Cossack Mamay - a kind of embodiment of the Ukrainian character, the image of...