Ukrainian Vyshyvanka: Embroidered Blouse with a Code of the Nation

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka - is the colloquial name of the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. History of vyshyvankas, technician and methods of her implementation are by the world-wide type of art of the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian Vyshyvankas

History of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Blouse

When exactly history of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka blouse takes beginning, for certain not it is known. Her origin and development took place gradually, absorbing in itself various elements of patterns, decorative patterns that symbolized perception of the world and belief of Ukrainians.

The history of the Ukrainian nation, its mentality and culture are inextricably linked especially with the work. One of the great works of our talented people have embroidery that largely characterizes the material and spiritual culture of Ukraine.

The fact that the embroidery has been known since time immemorial, according to stone "Scythian women", which is clearly seen in the schematic representations of embroidery in the insets, hem, cuffs of sleeves. Women's clothing Scythian times was like a long Ukrainian vyshyvankas, gathered at the neck and sleeves. Ukrainian embroidered dresses had differences in different regions, which is achieved in particular by means of embroidery and sewing. In addition to shirts, have embroidery around the neck, on the sleeves, on the hem, embroidered apron decorated (hvartuh) - an integral part of women's clothing that protects the expectant mother from evil forces, etc.

There is a long tradition of Ukrainian resist evil by beauty. That is what prompted the long winter evenings to embroider clothes yourself, family and loved ones, concluding in embroidered patterns heartfelt dreams and feelings. Future bride begins in childhood care for chest: clothes themselves, her husband and children - embroidery towel.

Ukrainian embroidered blouse

Embroidered blouse Vyshyvanka done by the hands of loving mother or girl, provided with the unbelievable wave of cheerfulness and energy. Not for free, before wedding, fiancee had to embroider shirts to the darling and by the future to parents. Although wedding shirt and надягалась only one time in life, but she was careful to closing dates.

If for Ukrainians since ancient times embroidered shirt was the traditional clothing in modern conditions embroidery has taken on special importance in many areas of human life, has become a means of expressing patriotism.

a boy in the traditional Ukrainian shirt

Patterns of Ukrainian Embroidered Shirts

On reasons the decorative patterns of Ukrainian Vyshyvankas are divided into three groups:

  • geometric,
  • vegetable, animal,
  • represent the elements of a symbolics of the ancient Ukrainian beliefs, cults.

Separate embroidery guy-sutures are characteristic for those or other ethnographic districts of Ukraine. In Ukraine about one hundred is known various embroidery a technician.

Geometric ornaments keeps many secret characters, closely intertwined from Slavic mythology. Geometric ornament is one of the most common types of embroidery. It is characterized by diamonds, circles, crosses, lines, zigzags. Also among geometric designs are very popular symbol "doodle" and the sign "beskonechnik" who came to us from the time of Tripoli culture.

The value of the secret symbols and geometric patterns to start with water and sun. Because these two elements are more likely to occur in the Ukrainian embroidery. Pattern depicted octagonal sun flower or rosette. But the pattern of water - like a twisted snake. Water and sun ornaments symbolize two elements. They are applied to children's shirts as guardian maternal and paternal power.

Implemented cross patterns and featuring mini swastika is a movement of the sun, which symbolizes good and serve as protection against evil forces.

Embroidery is decorated with a diamond point in the middle - it is a symbol of fertility and male power. Such patterns vishivali blue thread, which was designated the air and heavenly elements.

Ukrainian embroidered shirt

Floral designs for embroidery were required to demonstrate the beauty of nature. These patterns represent the real-life forms in nature. The most common plant ornaments in traditional Ukrainian Vyshyvanka motifs are considered "Kalina", "oak leaves", "grapes", "periwinkle", "hop" and many others.

Vyshyvanka: Meaning of the Traditional Ukrainian Embroidery Symbols

The value of the secret characters floral ornament pattern to start with viburnum. In ancient times, this tree is associated with the birth of the universe and the fire trinity months, the sun and stars.

Title Viburnum name comes from the ancient sun "Kolo". Viburnum on embroidery pattern symbolized immortality of sorts, as well as the Renaissance.

Oak pattern embroidered only on men's shirts. Oak tree Perun, who was a patron of the male energy, development and life. Shirt with this ornament was a magical talisman, nourished men force Ukrainian kind.

The value of the secret characters floral ornament continue grapes. These patterns symbolize joy and delights of family life. According to anthropologists, the vineyard is what -That vital field, where the male head of the family acts as a sower, but the wife is obliged to raise and care for the vines and family. Embroideries with grapes inherent Poltava and Kiev. But in Chernihiv patterns with grapes applied for towels and tablecloths.

One of the main patterns is a red poppy. It was believed that with embroidered poppies should protect its owner from any harm. In families where men have died in the war girls on their shirts this pattern was applied, pledging to preserve and continue the Cossack family.

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka shirt

The third type of ornament Ukrainian embroidery - is zoomorphic or animal.

Most often in the embroidery applied cuckoo, fish, rabbit, owl, butterfly or a rooster. Zoomoforic ornaments can be seen in conjunction with a variety of bizarre plexus.

What Do the Colors of Ukrainian Vyshyvankas Mean?

In color embroidery has a lot of secret characters.

In the black shirts are usually dressed up dead. Black patterns are bad energy and symbolize grief from the loss of a loved one.

But vishavanki with ornament white on white chosen young modest girl. This emphasizes the natural beauty of the embroidery girls and serves as a protection against evil forces.

Red means in this embroidered good and the sun sign of good luck and protection.

Green on embroidery is a symbol of birth and growth, which applied a pattern of grass and leaves.

Yellow - abundance, wealth. Yellow color symbolizes the sun, as the energy of all life on earth.

So, Ukrainian Vyshyvanka has long played the role of a talisman against the dark forces. It was believed that the embroidery on the chest protects the human soul from destruction, decay and dying. Embroidery on the shoulders, especially in menswear, empower and defend against enemies. Cossacks were coded in embroidery military secrets: the number and composition of troops.

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka is not only good clothes. In her pictures it is possible to see deep spiritual maintenance and touch to old history of Ukraine.

vyshyvanka Ukraine

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