Lviv National Art Gallery

Decision to establish gallery of European art in Lviv was made by city magistrate in 1897. In 1902, there were appeared first exhibits by painters: V. Leopol'skyy “Death of poet Atsern”, “Miser”, Yan Styk, F. Vyhzhyval's'kyy, Yan Mateyko and Ye. Okun’. In early 1907 at magistrate expense was acquired collection of Western art of Ukrainian sugar magnate from the village Sytkivtsi on Podolia Ivan Yakovlevich, which were consist of about 2000 items, including more than 400 paintings. February 14, 1907, this collection was moved to the city and this date is considered to be the...

Petrykivka Decorative Painting (Folk Art)

Petrykivka: historical facts There is a village in Dnipropetrovs'ka district with name Petrykivka. It is one of a few places, where folk arts are kept. Peter Kalnyshevsky founded Petrykyvka 230 years ago. It was the custom in that village: all women painted huts’ walls with floral colorful patterns. These designs were ornamented by special brushes that were made of cat's fur, as well as wrapped with soft cloth matches or just with fingers. Paints were diluted with milk and eggs and colors were chosen to match all the colors of nature - the brightest. Hostesses organized some kind of...