Ukraine is leader in money transmission from migrants in Europe

7a4227d85a8987333480501748e3bd06In 2014 to Ukraine from other European countries were sent 7,587 milliard dollars by money transmission

Ukrainian migrants, who live in Europe, during 2014 were sent to home money transmission in an amount of 109,4 milliard dollars. That fact was announced in report of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), based on World Bank data.

Ukraine became a leader of getting money transmission – 7,587 milliard dollars. Second place is for Poland – 7,466 milliard dollars. Third place is for Nigeria with 7,412 milliard dollars of money transfer.

The most money in Europe migrants send from Russia (20,6 milliard dollars), Great Britain (17,1 milliard dollars), Germany (14 billion dollars), France (over 10 milliard dollars), Italy (more than 10 billion dollars) and Spain (9,6  milliard dollars). All counties together gave 75% from common amount of all money transmission, which were sent from European countries.

Third part of this sum – 36,5 milliard dollars – are received countries East Europe,  which includes Ukraine and Poland, and also the Baltics and Balkan States.

According to data of Ukrainian national bank, European countries, which money transmissions are sent from in 2014, are Russia, Germany and Greece.

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