Tunnel of Love in Klevan (Rivne, Ukraine)

Tunnel of love as the most romantic place in Ukraine

The small town Klevan in Rivno district all at once has become popular in Ukraine and even in Europe thanks to amazing length of railway, surrounded by trees.


Tunnel of love in Rivne (Ukraine) has recently become popular as nobody heard about that place for many years. Today that place is justly called the most romantics place in Ukraine.

A cursory look over images of Tunnel of love will help everybody make sure that this amazing place is sightworthy.


This green tube in shape of arch with ideal proportions was created by underbrush of trees and bushes, which are entwined together.

Tunnel of love is situated near small town Klevan in Rivno district in Ukraine. At bottom, it is the part of railway, planted by trees.

Tunnel of love in Klevan: historical aspects

Interesting fact is that Tunnel of love was created by chance. The truth is that in Soviet days this railway leaded to staging area, which was planted by trees for concealing. Last years, there was stopped to prune trees and bushes and in such a way was created natural tunnel, which length is several kilometers.

Romantic place in Rivno: description

Ideal forms of Tunnel of love are made by train, which regularly runs to local factory and breaks off overgrown tree branches on its way.  That train has often become center of a photo, made by tourists or photographers as a locomotive, moving through such tunnel, is really amazing performance and it is impossible to refrain from making photo.


Last years, Tunnel of love in Klevan became a place of real pilgrimage of tourists and lovers. Magic of tunnel’s beauty draw an interest of dreamers and just married couples. There is a legend that the lovers can make any wish and in case of truly love it come true.

It is interested that many tourists, visited Tunnel of love, stay satisfied. Even skeptics appreciate that tunnel has been the same amazing as they see from photo. That place looks really wonderful at all times a year. But the most impressive here in early autumn when trees have still many leaves, and poured it all possible colors, from green to red and yellow.


And in the winter when the trees are covered with snow, Tunnel of love has very mysterious look.

Many tourists, visited that place, complain about the one bad thing that can ruin a romantic walk. That is mosquitoes, which are particularly active set at people in the spring and early summer. Therefore, to avoid turning your walk at the same time for the feast bloodsuckers, better to take to a trip insect repellent.

Tunnel of love has recently became quite famous not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, even here remove advertising popular brands.

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