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Economy news in Ukraine: economic situation and new facts |

Economy news in Ukraine

Ukraine and Germany will collaborate in cosmic sphere

The representatives of the both countries agreed upon perspectives of common project Negotiations of activating collaboration between Ukraine and Germany was passed before first meeting of common working organization of State Space Agency of Ukraine and Germany Aerospace Center (DLR) in Kyiv in 9 June. It is reported by press service of SSAU. Both parties discussed perspectives realization of common projects with support of the program EU “Horizon-2020’, cooperation in cosmic sphere of space technology, distant atmospheric sounding and together creation of rocket technics. The head of...

For a month car production in Ukraine fell by 21%

The volume of car production for the month decreased by 33.7% In May, the Ukrainian refineries produced 442 vehicles, which is 21.5% less than in April (563 pieces), and 88.2% less than in May last year (3755 pieces). This is according to the association Ukrautoprom. The volume of production of cars for the month amounted to 289 units, or 33.7% less than in April and 91.8% less than in May last year. Commercial vehicles were produced 105 units, up 15.4% over the April figure, but 41.7% less than in last year's May. The May figure in the production of the buses - 48 units or 33.3% more than...

EU in the coming days will extend sanctions against Crimea

Restrictive measures against the Crimea prohibit, in particular, all investment in the economy of the peninsula, due to expire on June 23. The European Union in the coming days will extend the sanctions against the Crimea for a year. This was announced by the permanent representative of Luxembourg to the EU Christian Brown. "I do not know exactly when (the sanctions will be extended - Ed.), But the fundamental decision was made. Maybe it will happen at the next EU Council for Foreign Affairs (June 22 - Ed). This is the extension for one year, it will happen in the coming days, "- said Brown,...

In occupied Donbass are minted bad money – Poroshenko

The president of Ukraine told when country financial-banking system of Donbass will restart work Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko announced that in occupied by Russia territories are printed bad currency. “We have first samples of done bad hryvna in occupied y Russia territories of Donetsk. Also we should defense financial-banking country system of Ukraine” – said Poroshenko in the press-conference in 5 June. The president underlined that in occupied territory financial-banking system restart its work only when militias stop to plunder banks and state regulator will be able to...

In Donetsk was robbed the bank of Yanukovych

Terrorists engaged cash of VBR bank of around 46.5 million hryvna and 9 .9 million dollars, as also values of bank clients On Wednesday, June 3, the members of the terrorist organization was robbed DNR central office PJSC Ukrainian Bank for Development (EBE PAO), located at Prospect. Bohdan Khmelnytsky 102 in Donetsk. It is reported by the press service of the bank. "In the evening of June 2, gunmen armed with assault rifles so-called DNR, broke into the premises of the bank and for 12 hours, using special equipment, tried to open the bank vault room. In the morning of June 3, the robbers...

Ukraine – the leader of the largest gas reserves in storage in Europe

This morning, June 5, according to latest information, in Ukrainian storages is 10.5 billion cubic meters of fuel, which is 28% more than before the start of the injection season. It is reported by the Public Relations Department and the press of UKRTRANSGAZ. "Ukraine has the largest underground storage facilities in Europe, and today we are together with Germany and Italy among the leaders in natural gas reserves in storage. For example, in gas storerooms Italy saved 9.2 billion cubic meters, while Germany has accumulated 8.2 billion cubic meters. At the same time domestic warehouse filled...

Ukrainian PC market declined by more than half

PC market in Ukraine continues to shrink. This is evidenced by the results of the Ukrainian office of research IDC. In the first quarter of 2015 in the country it was delivered 126 thousand PCs, 53.6% less than the same period last year. Deliveries desktops fell by 59% and amounted to 45 thousand pieces. The share of candy bars rose to 4.7% (a year ago - 3.4%). Mobile PC market downturn reported by 50%, to 81 thousand units. With weak demand for IT equipment distributors have tried to deliver the most affordable model, the structure of supply laptops models costing up to $ 400 accounted for...

How much money Ukraine will receive from international donors in 2015

Today, Ukraine is working with five major international financial institutions: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. Under the current program of cooperation with the IMF (EFF), Ukraine undertook to reform the monetary policy (to support the flexible exchange rate regime, to continue to prepare the transition to inflation targeting, gradually increase the volume of foreign exchange reserves); to renew confidence in the banking system, to restructure the...