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Economy news in Ukraine: economic situation and new facts |

Economy news in Ukraine

In USA was completed the meeting Ukrainian debt rescheduling

On the meeting representatives of Ukraine, International Monetary Fund and creditors was not reach agreement, parties of agreement discussed possibilities of Ukraine to pay off debts Tripartite meeting in Washington between Special Commission of creditors in Ukraine, representatives of Ukrainian government and also International Monetary Fund was completed in the Tuesday evening. Agreements were not being reached, but parties coordinated their positions on question state debt rescheduling of Ukraine. “Today representatives of International Monetary Fund took part in technical conference...

European banks lost over 50 milliard euro because of Greece situation

 The most become cheaper papers of credit organization of Portugal, Spain and Italy European banks lost 50 milliard euro of market value after Greece imposed control under money movement because of failure of conversations with creditors in 28 June, announced Bloomberg. Index Stoxx 600, which includes capital stocks of European banks, went down in trading on 4.4% - that is the worst index since November 2011. The most became cheaper papers of credit organizations of Portugal, Spain and Italy. Capital stocks of Portuguese Banco Comercial Portugues became cheaper om 9.1%, Spanish Banco Popular...

Yaresko: Ukraine could theoretically declare a debt moratorium

Finance Minister reminded that the right to a moratorium stipulated by the law Ukraine could theoretically declare a moratorium on the payment of the public debt at the end of July because this right is enshrined by law. This was said today, June 25, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko, wrote UNIAN. "Theoretically it (the moratorium) is possible. As you know, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law", - said the minister. Recall, according to a Goldman Sachs analyst Andrew Matheny, Ukraine may miss a coupon payment on the bonds in July. He believes that the Ukrainian government can declare a...

EU will allocate 55 million euros for credit side of Small and Medium Practices in Ukraine

The fund will suffer to allure 1 milliard euros of borrowings for Small and Medium Practices in different districts of Ukraine European Union will allocate 55 million euros of help for support Small and Medium Practices in Ukraine. That was reported by Press service of mission to the European Union. The arrangement was signed during meeting of EU commissary on the questions of increase and neighborhood policy Johannes Hahn in Kiev in June, 18-19. Budget of that block – 55 million euros, what allow to allure 1 milliard euros of borrowings for Small and Medium Enterprise in different...

Ukraine will create engines for Australian airplanes

In Zaporizhia will produce engines AI-450 for Australian airplanes of Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH Company Ukroboronprom signed memorandum for adaptation of certification, production, sales and aftersales service of engines AI-450 for airplanes, which are produced by Australian Company - Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH. Current arrangements were reached Ukrainian delegation in Le Bourget Airshow 2015, as it was reported by Press service of Urkoboronprom. Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko is responsible party of such...

Crimean yielding ability fell by one half – Ministry of agrarian policy

The minister of agrarian policy Aleksey Pavlenko noticed that because of water scarcity productivity of land fell and rice production fully disappeared. Yielding ability fell by one half because of water scarcity. That was announced by minister of agrarian policy and provisions of Ukraine Aleksey Pavlenko in interview to 5 channel. “The situation is that rice production in Crimea was almost abolished. That field was very powerful – 19000 hectare. Because of water scarcity will be lost productivity of land. We assumed that Crimea would lost 50% of yielding ability without water – that is...

Ukrainian implementers launched international freelance marketplace

Ukrainians presented service of actual problem-solving of freelancers and their employers The implementers from Ukraine made new international freelance marketplace Proffstore.com, which will become the new popular business-oriented social network, as it was announced by Press service of the portal. Functionality of freelance marketplace will allow users to turn their account into virtual office. Such kind of office will allow businessmen to employ specialists, control exploitation of their own advanced technology products, plan work and pay accounts, sign agreements few-click ease from...

Ukraine is leader in money transmission from migrants in Europe

In 2014 to Ukraine from other European countries were sent 7,587 milliard dollars by money transmission Ukrainian migrants, who live in Europe, during 2014 were sent to home money transmission in an amount of 109,4 milliard dollars. That fact was announced in report of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), based on World Bank data. Ukraine became a leader of getting money transmission – 7,587 milliard dollars. Second place is for Poland – 7,466 milliard dollars. Third place is for Nigeria with 7,412 milliard dollars of money transfer. The most money in Europe migrants...

In Kiev was began dismantling of illegal gas-operated filling stations

In Kiev was made a decision of dismantling of highly dangerous for people 14 filling stations Kiev City State Administration has begun resolution of illegal gas-operated filling stations in the city. It was announced on official Facebook page of Kievrada deputy Vitaliy Danilenko. According to his words, they made a decision to renew highly dangerous for people 14 filling stations. First of them were demounted in 13 June. In particular, filling station Eurogas and LP-GAZ in Saperno-Slobodskaya street in Goloseevska districy were taken away. Works are made by order of the city mayor and by...

In Ukrainian storages are accrued more than 11 billion cu m of gas

All this year in gassy storages was pumped 3,5 billion cu m of natural gas. Thus far, 15 June, in Ukrainian gassy storages are over 11,1 milliard cu m of gasoline, what is on 31% more than in the beginning of gas injection season. That fact was announced by signal office of OAO UKRTRANSGAS. All this year to Ukrainian gassy storages was pumped 3.5 milliard of natural gas. According to information collected, natural gas accumulates in seven gassy storages with optimal technological mode – 60 million cu m in a day. In such a way, from 1 to 14 June national underground gas storage facility...


Ukraine: economy news

Here you can read fresh news about economic situation in Ukraine.

One of the most important spheres of our life is surely economics. It is closely related with social, cultural and household areas of everybody life. Economic machineries are well at their way forward together with politics and modern people have to manage moving together with it for provision life worth living.

For being effective part of these big machineries and to correspond modern tendencies in the areas of finances and business, you should be aware of world and local events of economics. Understanding economical trends straightly depend on interests of people to news of such a topic, because knowing one or other things is effective management tool for planning our life.

Those people, who understand necessity of financial planning, who want to earn money and keep their savings should be aware of actual problems with banks, financial pyramids and control tendencies of world or local market. By that you will save and even increase your financial status.

The main economic news in the world

Today, economic news is interesting for those, who are not restricted to only local news. Analytics reports originate from all over the world, thanks to this fact can be controlled economic situation not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.  At the same time, with the help of news resources, we can be aware of events, which are straightly related to our life and financial situation.

Being aware of such kind of information is meant to move with the times. In the world of smart and educated people it will be advantage to be great on areas of business and financial management. It will help everybody to keep the conversation and effective plan your life.

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