News of crisis in Ukraine

USA support is vital Ukraine – Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with US Senator Richard Durbin. Ukrainian President stressed the importance of trans-Atlantic solidarity with Ukraine. "We need the unity of the Western world," - Poroshenko quoted by his press service. President called US "a reliable strategic partner" of Ukraine. "The level of support that we have in the US, the US Senate is vitally important for us," - said Poroshenko. The President noted the assistance provided by the United States in various areas - increasing the country's defense, the implementation of reforms, the fight against corruption, the...

Militant leader Oleksij Mozgovy’j was killed

The leader of the pro-Russian battalion terrorists "Ghost" Oleksij Mozgovy’j died after being seriously wounded by gunfire. Together with him came under fire his assistant Anna. It is known that the militant leader and his assistant fired when they were in the car - went out from Alchevsk to Lugansk. The car was blown up by a terrorist landmine, first, and then fired a large caliber automatic weapons. Anna died on the spot, Mozgovy’j - 40 minutes later. For information about the death of Mozgovy’j confirmed Kremlin channel Lifenews. Kremlin propagandists claim that also killed the...