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Crisis in Ukraine: today news and events |

News of crisis in Ukraine

At night Marinka (Donetsk Oblast) was fired by Grads twice – MP

Today night Pro-Russian militants “worked” in suburb of Donetsk with allegedly designated rocket-launching artillery at unity with arrangements of Minsk-2. In 15 June night militants of hybrid army of pro-Russian occupants fired on Marinka by rocket systems of Grad valley fire. That was announced on official Facebook page of people’s deputy Yurii Bereza. “At night Marinka was fired twice by MRLS 'Grad' – whole ammunition load” – he wrote. Also, according to Bereza’s words, in other occupied Donetsk suburb – Pisky – have been still continued practically round-the-clock...

80% of Ukrainian transport do not answer requirements of safety

Among the operating 6,2 thousand units of transport, over 80% don't answer the requirements of safety. They are worn-out morally and technically. For years of independence the quantity of units of city transport in Ukraine decreased from 12,3 thousand to 6,2 thousand. Such data were sounded today by the deputy minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Shulmeyster at a seminar about development of city public transport. According to the statement of the deputy minister, since 1991 investments into city public transport have been actually stopped. "It occurred against a tendency of...

For a month car production in Ukraine fell by 21%

The volume of car production for the month decreased by 33.7% In May, the Ukrainian refineries produced 442 vehicles, which is 21.5% less than in April (563 pieces), and 88.2% less than in May last year (3755 pieces). This is according to the association Ukrautoprom. The volume of production of cars for the month amounted to 289 units, or 33.7% less than in April and 91.8% less than in May last year. Commercial vehicles were produced 105 units, up 15.4% over the April figure, but 41.7% less than in last year's May. The May figure in the production of the buses - 48 units or 33.3% more than...

EU in the coming days will extend sanctions against Crimea

Restrictive measures against the Crimea prohibit, in particular, all investment in the economy of the peninsula, due to expire on June 23. The European Union in the coming days will extend the sanctions against the Crimea for a year. This was announced by the permanent representative of Luxembourg to the EU Christian Brown. "I do not know exactly when (the sanctions will be extended - Ed.), But the fundamental decision was made. Maybe it will happen at the next EU Council for Foreign Affairs (June 22 - Ed). This is the extension for one year, it will happen in the coming days, "- said Brown,...

In petroleum installation near Kyiv are on fire 16 cisterns

In location of exposure are situated one more oil product depot KLO. Everybody is evacuated. There are making security cordon. In Kyiv district on pentroleum installation savers doused one cistern with gasoline, but other 16 continue to burn. It is reported by State Emergency Service of Ukraine. “As of 7:00 on 9 June liquidated fire a tank capacity of 900 cu. m, continues extinguishing 16 tanks, of which: 8 - capacity of 900 cu. m. and 8 - capacity of 50 cu. m.”, - said in a statement. The main efforts focused on extinguishing the burning tanks by means of a foam attack, as well as...

In occupied Donbass are minted bad money – Poroshenko

The president of Ukraine told when country financial-banking system of Donbass will restart work Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko announced that in occupied by Russia territories are printed bad currency. “We have first samples of done bad hryvna in occupied y Russia territories of Donetsk. Also we should defense financial-banking country system of Ukraine” – said Poroshenko in the press-conference in 5 June. The president underlined that in occupied territory financial-banking system restart its work only when militias stop to plunder banks and state regulator will be able to...

The document of sanctions against Russia has been sent to the Cabinet – Poroshenko

The Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko assured that the list of sanctions against Ukraine Russia is already under consideration in the Government binet a list of sanctions against Russia. The Head of State said at today's press conference. "On my instructions, prepared and submitted to the government today, and expect that in the near future it will be taken this decision and in the National Security Council, the list of social, economic and other restrictive measures, sanctions that are applied by Ukraine against the Russian Federation", - he said. The president said the sanctions will apply...

The U.S.Senate offer help to Ukraine with weapon and reconnaissance

USA senator appealed for allocate funds to ensure that the Ukrainian military counter-artillery radar, defensive lethal weapons, etc. US Republican Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman has submitted two amendments to the budget of National Defense in 2016 to help Ukraine, which continues to struggle with the Russian aggression. This is stated on the official website of the senator. The First Amendment permits the allocation of funds to ensure that the Ukrainian military counter-artillery radar, defensive lethal weapons, drones, communications security. The amendment requires the allocation for this...

Finland deported to Ukraine family of DNR militant

Finnish Migration Service deported to Ukraine family of militant of the terrorist group DNR. The decision taken on the woman and her 7-year-old son, officials explain the absence of danger for the population in the territory controlled by the central government. "In Donetsk, Lugansk and the security situation is bad since the armed conflict. However, the rest of the Ukrainian danger to the civilian population there," - stated in the department. Immigration authorities have noted that the government in Kiev must solve the issues of asylum Ukrainians from crisis regions. According to the...

The SSU detained informant of Russian terrorists

A resident of Severodonetsk participated in anti-Ukrainian actions: distributing calls to overthrow the constitutional order and recruit mercenaries. In Lugansk region the SSU unmasked an informant terrorist organizations DNR and LC. It is reported by the press service of the SSU. It was found that in the spring of last year resident Severodonetsk participated in anti-Ukrainian actions: distributing leaflets among citizens calling for a change and overthrow of the constitutional system of Ukraine. Plotter through social networks raise funds for militants and recruited mercenaries in illegal...