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Crisis in Ukraine: today news and events |

News of crisis in Ukraine

Moscow promises traitors in Ukraine “golden mountains” – head of ATC

Money, posts and preferences – the main argument of Russian special services for traitors, which continue to reveal special services of Ukraine New vice head of the Security Service of Ukraine – head of antiterrorist center of SSU (he oversee situation in Donbass) Vitaliy Malikov in his interview and said about how Russians recruit traitors in Ukraine. Answering the question about how SSU realizes combing of traitors, the vice head of SSU said that “in absolute numbers I cannot say, but the work in such way is doing”. “Recently was arrested Kiev employee of SSU – high official. I...

In Lublin Poland was signed solidarity declaration with Ukraine

 Against the hard situation, the declaration is about the fact, that Ukraine need to associate them with Poland in keeping with the best tradition of Ukrainian-Polish good neighborliness Solidarity declaration with Ukraine was signed in Lublin by representatives of regional government, high schools, business community and nongovernmental organizations of Poland. "Against the background of the tragedy of the military need to demonstrate solidarity and assist in the best traditions of the Polish-Ukrainian Neighborhood" - said in Lublin declaration of solidarity with Ukraine, as quoted by...

6,5 thousand Ukrainians have already been killed in Donbass, 16 thousand – were injured, – United Nations

According to the international organization of the United Nations, 5 million people need humanitarian assistance. In Ukraine, the rapidly growing number of internally displaced persons Already 6,500 people have been victims of the war in eastern Ukraine, 16 thousand wounded. These new data are the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian efforts. According to United Nations, 5 million people need humanitarian assistance. "Access remains a serious problem in terms of uncontrolled government areas, which complicates the delivery of humanitarian aid", - UNIAN quoted the message of the...

Obama called Vladimir Putin to withdraw troops from Ukrainian territory

President of USA demanded from Russian leader to keep Minsk agreement President of USA Barack Obama during telephone call called Vladimir Putin to withdraw Russian army from Ukraine. That was announced in official claim of the White House. “President Obama announced need for Russia to keep its liabilities in line with Minsk agreements, including withdraw Russian troops and techniques from Ukrainian territory” – was noticed in the claim. During the conversation, apart from the conflict in the Donbass, US President and Head of the Russian Federation discussed the fight against the Islamic...

Yanukovich want to return to Ukraine, but is in terror of life

Runaway ex-dictator announced that Donbas should stay as a part of Ukraine, but upon condition of compromise and dialog with terrorists of DNR/LNR Runaway ex-dictator Victor Yanukovich hopes to return to Ukraine. He said that in the interview to BBC, commenting Russian-Ukrainian war in Donbas, Crimea annexation and fact his run to Russia. Herewith he expressed confidence that Donbas, part of which is under terrorists control, should stay as a part of Ukraine. Ex-dictator told that most of the time he passes in Rostov (Russia), but he still should migrate all over Russia. Supposedly, because...

Normandy Four meeting: Ukraine will try to consolidate the position of peaceful world

Now it is important for Ukraine to hear from Russia about escalation of Donbas conflict, noticed representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Aleksey Makeev On the meeting of foreign ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia, this will be in June, 23 in Paris; Kiev will try to consolidate the positions, which were consolidated before in peace talks. That was said by head of Division of politics and communication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aleksey Makeev in comments to Radio Svoboda. “In sober facts, our main problem during this meeting – to analyze of provisions...

USA sent to Ukraine secret speedboats Williard Sea Force

Four boats will get to Special Forces of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and Ochakov, and a seven-meter will give the search and rescue service of the fleet Five American speedboats Willard Sea Force 730 and Sea Force 11M, which the United States handed over our country who have successfully mastered in Odessa. Price of Sea Force 11M is about $ 850 thousand. Sea Force 730 is worth about $ 350 thousand. (Price depends on configuration and conditions of the contract). Four boats will get Special Forces Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and Ochakov, and give a search and rescue service fleet....

Ukraine furnished USA with proofs of involvement Russia in war

The representatives of National Security Council were informed about Russian active duty force and secret services contribution in was in Donbas. As a part of visit to Washington, the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Andrei Taranov, and Head of Department of Security Service of Ukraine Vitaly Naida, held their meeting with the special adviser on European and Eurasian Affairs of US Vice President Michael Carpenter and director for Eastern Europe, US National Security Council, Liz Zentos. To American representatives were presented evidence of Russia's participation in...

Crimean yielding ability fell by one half – Ministry of agrarian policy

The minister of agrarian policy Aleksey Pavlenko noticed that because of water scarcity productivity of land fell and rice production fully disappeared. Yielding ability fell by one half because of water scarcity. That was announced by minister of agrarian policy and provisions of Ukraine Aleksey Pavlenko in interview to 5 channel. “The situation is that rice production in Crimea was almost abolished. That field was very powerful – 19000 hectare. Because of water scarcity will be lost productivity of land. We assumed that Crimea would lost 50% of yielding ability without water – that is...

The question of weapons is still open for Ukraine – State Dept

USA president Barack Obama has not still decided about delivery of lethal arms to Armed Forces of Ukraine for fight against Russian overrun. For USA the question of delivery weapons is still open: the USA president Barack Obama has not still made final decision. That was announced in the interview of assistant to the Secretary of State in USA Victoria Nuland. “The president has not made a decision yet about delivery of lethal arms to Ukrainian armed forces. The question is still under discussion. The decision will base on, what is the situation in the zone of conflict. The most preferable...


News of crisis in Ukraine

In this category you will found fresh news about crisis in Ukraine for today and last week.

All Ukrainian history in particular and humanity in general is collection of different events. Modern Ukraine is not an exception, indeed every day, hour, minute and second are happened events, which have influence on human mood and everybody in particular. Properly, the same situation takes place all over the world.

The most important events, which take place in the country, are covered and accessible to every inhabitant of Ukraine. It can be about politics, sport, accidents, economics and other areas of modern life. Every educated man should control the main local and world events if only for understand what is actual for Ukraine and world, and what problem is under an attention now.

Most of the people understand the fact, that particular event can make an influence on country’s destiny. Such events can affect on their life particularly, so for assurance in maintaining control of their life, they control the everyday news of Ukraine, especially in during financial-economical and political crisis.

Nowadays, Ukraine is in serious collapse practically in all spheres of country’s life. Flat economics has tried to come out ok for a year, but continuing war in the east of country does not leave any chances.

For the last ten years Ukraine has been in decline for a second time. First crisis came in 2008. Then economic crisis agitated the world. The second crisis, more serious, has sounded in the second half of ruling term of Victor Yanucovich, when became known that corrupt practices and “carve-up” of budget gained government size. Corruption was in the level of political government.

Maidan and Revolution of accomplishment epilogize time of Yanucovich ruling and agitated Ukrainian people for good changes. But that way turned out to be thorny and quite difficult. New government has almost empty treasury. But that fact could be negotiated, but neighbor country conduct made matters worse: Russia annexed Crimea and brought together with it milliardth material losses and war in the east of Ukraine. So there was thundered political crisis.

Undeclared war drains the milliards of country budget, which could be used for development of infrastructure and stabilization of Ukrainian economics. After presidential and parliamentary special election, Ukrainian people retrieved little hope for fast beginning of peace and county’s recovery. But destabilization of war situation with Russia continues in the east of Ukraine. That has an adverse effect on all economic spheres: precarity of exchange mark, deficit in foreign exchange, great inflation (over 25%). Besides, crisis in Ukraine removes from Ukrainian inhabitants’ budgets more and more money, herein utility rates are increasing in some position on 150%.

The last year demand for Internet news site has increased for unbelievable sizes. One in three Ukrainians at least one time a day look through news feed for being aware of the most important events. Every news is important in its own way: either it is news about rising cost of currency or news about latest attacks of terrorists of undeclared republics.

The main condition of news website is its authenticity. Unreliable information may cause disapproval of people.

Our goal is to inform actual and authentic Ukrainian and world news for those people, who need it. The important feature of covering news is their impartial and neutral covering. So, you can trust our website for 100%.

Learn firsthand about the latest news of crisis of Ukraine

In this topic you will find all news articles, which are actual for today. Our content managers find only the most important and interesting information, check and elaborate it. Here you will find content about:

  • Political situation on Ukraine;
  • Last events in near-front settlements;
  • Economic situation on occupied territories;
  • Reforms and accepted laws;
  • Work of Verkhovna Rada of stabilization of Ukrainian crisis;
  • Problems with exchange mark;
  • Decisions of national bank, etc.

Having social activism, knowing about all events, every Ukrainian can contribute to welfarism of the nation and make it strong. Independent and strong Ukraine is in the hand of every of us!