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Moscow promises traitors in Ukraine “golden mountains” – head of ATC

Money, posts and preferences – the main argument of Russian special services for traitors, which continue to reveal special services of Ukraine New vice head of the Security Service of Ukraine – head of antiterrorist center of SSU (he oversee situation in Donbass) Vitaliy Malikov in his interview and said about how Russians recruit traitors in Ukraine. Answering the question about how SSU realizes combing of traitors, the vice head of SSU said that “in absolute numbers I cannot say, but the work in such way is doing”. “Recently was arrested Kiev employee of SSU – high official. I...

In USA was completed the meeting Ukrainian debt rescheduling

On the meeting representatives of Ukraine, International Monetary Fund and creditors was not reach agreement, parties of agreement discussed possibilities of Ukraine to pay off debts Tripartite meeting in Washington between Special Commission of creditors in Ukraine, representatives of Ukrainian government and also International Monetary Fund was completed in the Tuesday evening. Agreements were not being reached, but parties coordinated their positions on question state debt rescheduling of Ukraine. “Today representatives of International Monetary Fund took part in technical conference...

In Lublin Poland was signed solidarity declaration with Ukraine

 Against the hard situation, the declaration is about the fact, that Ukraine need to associate them with Poland in keeping with the best tradition of Ukrainian-Polish good neighborliness Solidarity declaration with Ukraine was signed in Lublin by representatives of regional government, high schools, business community and nongovernmental organizations of Poland. "Against the background of the tragedy of the military need to demonstrate solidarity and assist in the best traditions of the Polish-Ukrainian Neighborhood" - said in Lublin declaration of solidarity with Ukraine, as quoted by...

European banks lost over 50 milliard euro because of Greece situation

 The most become cheaper papers of credit organization of Portugal, Spain and Italy European banks lost 50 milliard euro of market value after Greece imposed control under money movement because of failure of conversations with creditors in 28 June, announced Bloomberg. Index Stoxx 600, which includes capital stocks of European banks, went down in trading on 4.4% - that is the worst index since November 2011. The most became cheaper papers of credit organizations of Portugal, Spain and Italy. Capital stocks of Portuguese Banco Comercial Portugues became cheaper om 9.1%, Spanish Banco Popular...

6,5 thousand Ukrainians have already been killed in Donbass, 16 thousand – were injured, – United Nations

According to the international organization of the United Nations, 5 million people need humanitarian assistance. In Ukraine, the rapidly growing number of internally displaced persons Already 6,500 people have been victims of the war in eastern Ukraine, 16 thousand wounded. These new data are the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian efforts. According to United Nations, 5 million people need humanitarian assistance. "Access remains a serious problem in terms of uncontrolled government areas, which complicates the delivery of humanitarian aid", - UNIAN quoted the message of the...

Yaresko: Ukraine could theoretically declare a debt moratorium

Finance Minister reminded that the right to a moratorium stipulated by the law Ukraine could theoretically declare a moratorium on the payment of the public debt at the end of July because this right is enshrined by law. This was said today, June 25, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko, wrote UNIAN. "Theoretically it (the moratorium) is possible. As you know, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law", - said the minister. Recall, according to a Goldman Sachs analyst Andrew Matheny, Ukraine may miss a coupon payment on the bonds in July. He believes that the Ukrainian government can declare a...

Obama called Vladimir Putin to withdraw troops from Ukrainian territory

President of USA demanded from Russian leader to keep Minsk agreement President of USA Barack Obama during telephone call called Vladimir Putin to withdraw Russian army from Ukraine. That was announced in official claim of the White House. “President Obama announced need for Russia to keep its liabilities in line with Minsk agreements, including withdraw Russian troops and techniques from Ukrainian territory” – was noticed in the claim. During the conversation, apart from the conflict in the Donbass, US President and Head of the Russian Federation discussed the fight against the Islamic...

Yanukovich want to return to Ukraine, but is in terror of life

Runaway ex-dictator announced that Donbas should stay as a part of Ukraine, but upon condition of compromise and dialog with terrorists of DNR/LNR Runaway ex-dictator Victor Yanukovich hopes to return to Ukraine. He said that in the interview to BBC, commenting Russian-Ukrainian war in Donbas, Crimea annexation and fact his run to Russia. Herewith he expressed confidence that Donbas, part of which is under terrorists control, should stay as a part of Ukraine. Ex-dictator told that most of the time he passes in Rostov (Russia), but he still should migrate all over Russia. Supposedly, because...

Normandy Four meeting: Ukraine will try to consolidate the position of peaceful world

Now it is important for Ukraine to hear from Russia about escalation of Donbas conflict, noticed representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Aleksey Makeev On the meeting of foreign ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia, this will be in June, 23 in Paris; Kiev will try to consolidate the positions, which were consolidated before in peace talks. That was said by head of Division of politics and communication of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aleksey Makeev in comments to Radio Svoboda. “In sober facts, our main problem during this meeting – to analyze of provisions...

USA sent to Ukraine secret speedboats Williard Sea Force

Four boats will get to Special Forces of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and Ochakov, and a seven-meter will give the search and rescue service of the fleet Five American speedboats Willard Sea Force 730 and Sea Force 11M, which the United States handed over our country who have successfully mastered in Odessa. Price of Sea Force 11M is about $ 850 thousand. Sea Force 730 is worth about $ 350 thousand. (Price depends on configuration and conditions of the contract). Four boats will get Special Forces Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa and Ochakov, and give a search and rescue service fleet....


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