The world’s only monument to service dogs

It was the first year of the war. Few people know that by order of the Fuhrer Kyiv had in a week's term to fall. On August 8 victory parade capital of the Ukraine was planning to visit Hitler himself, as well as the leader of Italy Mussolini. On the battlefield, and Uman between Cherkassy, ​​among the dead Soviet soldiers, lined with piles of equipment, were found numerous corpses of dogs.

interesting monument

In a separate battalion Kolomiysky border detachment, which has heavy fighting retreat from the border, there were guard dogs. Near Legedzino battalion was surrounded. There were 500 men and 150 trained shepherds. No one stepped back, no one surrendered and none of them saw the dawn. When the soldiers had little, allowed to fight  dogs. Shepherds sucked in to the fascists in gullets even indeathbed cramps. Dogs are not frightened neither tanks nor automatic gunfire.

interesting monument

A survivor dogs, according to witnesses, to the end remained faithful their traces. Each of them settled near his master's and one did not admit to it. On the outskirts of the village of May 9, 2003, at the very spot where there was battle, a unusual monument was erected border guards and their dogs who have lost their lives for the salvation of men. The monument in the village was built in Legedzino on voluntary donations and direct participation of veterans Great Patriotic War of the city Zvenigorodka, as well as residents the surrounding area.

interesting monument

It is the only such interesting monument to service dogs.

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