Militant leader Oleksij Mozgovy’j was killed

The leader of the pro-Russian battalion terrorists "Ghost" Oleksij Mozgovy’j died after being seriously wounded by gunfire.

Together with him came under fire his assistant Anna. It is known that the militant leader and his assistant fired when they were in the car - went out from Alchevsk to Lugansk. The car was blown up by a terrorist landmine, first, and then fired a large caliber automatic weapons. Anna died on the spot, Mozgovy’j - 40 minutes later.

For information about the death of Mozgovy’j confirmed Kremlin channel Lifenews. Kremlin propagandists claim that also killed the security chief of Mozgovy’j and two guards.

In March Mozgovy’j tried to blow by three shell-less homemade improvised explosive devices, which laid at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Lugansk. Then the militants brought in Alchevsk hospital where stitches and provided medical care.

Recall, January 1 LC supporters of terrorist leader Igor Plotnitsky Lugansk was liquidated other terrorist mastermind Alexander poor.

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