How to make Easter Cake in Ukraine: 10 easy recipes

Easter cake in Ukraine is an essential element of celebration of the sacred day. The holiday is very meaningful and sacred in Ukraine. Before daybreak on the celebration morning people carry water, Easter cake and painted eggs into the church to be blessed. Then at home families have a sacred breakfast, and the fact, that this is the first complete meal after Lent, makes it more important. In this way people celebrate Christ’s rising from the dead. Eating, drinking, making Easter cake – easy recipe for happy celebration is as follows.

Easter Cake in Ukraine
There is a number of the holiday pastry recipes in our country and every housewife chooses the one for herself, but Easter cake, how to make it procedure takes special place in cooking books. Each pastry is unique, sophisticated, made of the best and richest ingredients in the fridge. Life goes on, and modern world leaves us less time for rituals like cooking, however the traditions should be obeyed. That’s why Easter cake easy recipes are must in the cook book for any woman.

Easter cake “Delicious”

10 eggs, 600g. sugar, 1l. milk, 100g. yeast, 100ml. oil, 200g. butter, flour.
Whisk eggs, add sugar. Boil the milk and add to the mixture while warm. Stir the mass and then cool it to 40°C, dissolve the yeast in the mixture. After the mixture has fermented for 2 hours in warm place, add bland butter, oil, flour and knead new pastry. Let it go up, but don’t leave it for long, and then mould it into the form and let it go up once again. Then bake it in an oven at medium temperature. Time for preparing – 40min.

Easter Cake in Ukraine

Easter cake with nutmeg

5 eggs, 2 yolks, 250g. sugar, 1cup milk, vanilla, nutmeg, 1 lemon grinded citron, 50ml. cognac or vodka, 40g. yeast,  1kg. flour, 150g. butter.

Preheat your kitchen. While kneading the pastry, avoid draughts, so the pastry won’t go flat. Grind 5 eggs and 2 yolks with 200g. sugar, pour into a half cup of warm milk, add some vanilla, nutmeg and 1 big lemon grinded citron, add 50ml. cognac or strong vodka. Then put into raisins and nuts. In a separate dish dissolve 40g. yeast and 50g. sugar in half cup of warm milk till the mixture resembles sour cream, then put aside for 20min. Ad interim, sift 1kg flour (it should be of superior quality) and pour it into preheated saucepan. Melt 50g. butter. Pour all the liquids into flour, knead pastry. If it’s too dense, add some milk and knead again. Don’t stop kneading till there are big bubbles. After that, cover the pastry with wet fabric and let it go up and apportion it in the forms (not exceeding a third of a form’s height) and let it go up again. Smear the cakes with butter or whisked egg and put into hot oven. Bake for, at least, 40min. Baked cakes smear with icing and decorate. Time for preparing – 2h.


Easter cake in Ukraine

1cup flour scald with cup of boiling milk and grind as to get rid of balls. When the mixture is cool, add 10 yolks grinded with 50g. yeast and put the mass in warm place. When leavened dough went up, put a pinch of salt, 3 cups of flour and knead the pastry till bulbs appear. Pour into half a cup of melted butter and continue kneading. Add a cup of caster sugar, 1tbsp. grinded almond and go on kneading for half an hour. Mould the forms with the pastry for a half, place the forms into warm, wait till the pastry goes up and fill the forms to the brims. Bake in oven for an hour.

Easter cake with nuts

1kg cord, 4 eggs, vanilla, 1cup sugar, 100g. butter, 2cups grinded nuts.
Sift the cord through sieve, add sugar, vanilla, eggs, butter, stir well. Roast the walnuts, grind them, mix with the cord, add some cream or sour cream, mould into form and put under weight.


Easter cake with raisins

800g. flour,  200g. butter, 200g. sugar, 1cup milk, 5 eggs, 50g. yeast, 200g. raisins, salt.
Melt the butter, pour into warm milk, add sugar, salt. Mix the mass and cool it to 30°C. After that, pour into the flour, dissolved in milk and foamed yeast and thoroughly stir. Put in warm place. After the pastry goes up, add 5 yolks, 5 whites whisked in firm foam, raisins and knead the mixture. Put the pastry into well smeared with butter and dusted with flour mould, fill for a half. When the pastry goes up to the brims, bake the cakes at 180° till prepared.

Chocolate Easter cake

Chocolate Easter cake

1kg. cord, 400g. butter, 2cups dense sour cream, 1cup sugar, 1cup cream, 200g. chocolate, 4 yolks, 4 whites, vanilla.

Sift the cord through the sieve, mix with butter and dense sour cream. Then mix sugar with cream and finely grated chocolate, add vanilla.

Stir till there are no grains of chocolate. Mix the chocolate mixture with the cord, grind well. Whisk dense cream with eggs whites, add to the prepared cord. Put into finely cut citron and raisins. Mix the mass, put into baking form, cover with a lid, put under a weight in a cool place for twenty four hours.

Traditional recipe of Easter cake

Chocolate Easter cake

5 eggs, 1,5 cup milk, 50g. yeast, flour, 0,5 bundle margarine.

Thoroughly grind eggs with sugar till white, warm the milk, dissolve yeast in it, add flour. Mix till the even mass and put into warm place for 3h. After that, add some more flour, knead soft pastry and put into warm place again. Only when the pastry goes up twice or thrice, knead it softly again and mould it into forms, then bake. In order the cakes don’t burn, cover with paper.

Scalded Easter cake

3cups flour, 3cups milk, 50g. dry yeast, 10 eggs, 2,5cups sugar, 3cups butter.

Scald the flour with boiling milk and stir thoroughly. When the mass is cool, add 50g. dry yeast dissolved in half a cup of milk, put in warm place and wait till the pastry goes up. After that, add grinded to white 10 yolks with 2,5cups sugar and 10 whisked in foam whites. Then leave it to go up again, add 3cups of melted butter and as much flour, as you need for a proper consistence. Knead the pastry well, then mould into baking form and after it goes up once more, bake the cake.

Limpid Easter cake


Grind 8 yolks, pour into 50g. yeast dissolved in half a cup of warm milk. Add 2,5 cups of flour and half a cup of sugar. Knead well and leave to go up. Pour 100g. of melted butter and knead. Fill the form for a third. After the pastry goes up, put into oven.

Cord Easter cake (without baking)

 Easter cake

5 hard-boiled eggs, 200g. soft butter, 200g. sour cream, 1cup sugar and about 1kg. rich cord sift through sieve.

Grind the yolks, butter, sour cream, sugar and cord. Add vanilla sugar and half a cup of raisins (or candied fruit). Having kneaded, put the pastry into wet cheesecloth and put under weight, thus the whey to flow down. Leave the form in cool place for 2 days, then carefully put out the Easter cake and make a cross with raisins on its top. Long time ago, such Easter cakes were being prepared in special detachable wooden forms, which bottom had a cross-looking hollow, that was printed on the ready Easter cake. Time of preparation – 20min.

Try one of these marvelous recipes and you’ll want to try more, that’s guaranteed. You feel the pastry softness, you put your heart in it, the kitchen is full of holiday odours and your heart is filled with strange joy and light – that all means this is Easter and you are cooking your favorite Easter cake.

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