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National parks and recreations

National Parks

Sofiyivsky Park in Uman: history, architecture, objects

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Everything in the museum of nature called "Sofiyivka” have enchanting beauty. That’s the idea, a compositional decision of Sofiyivka in Uman made of imitations of the stories from the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, and some places look like habitation of the Greek gods, heroes and thinkers. Sofiyivsky Park in Ukraine: historical facts Sofiyivka was grounded on 1796 by magnate and owner of the town of Uman that period named Stanislav Pototskiy. The park was named as a tribute to Stanislav’s wife - Sofiya Vitt-Pototskaya. Sofiyivka was a compliment to her name day on May 1802....

Askania Nova Reserve in Ukraine: Triumph of the Nature

Biosphere Askania Nova Reserve is the world famous national park of Ukraine, one of Europe's Corner fescue-feather grass steppes, which was never touched by a plow. It is also known as Ascania Nova and Askania Nowa. This unique zoo animals and birds collected from almost all countries of the world. In Askania-Nova wild animals found in the wild or in half of force. Most of the territory is beautiful botanical park with numerous artificial lakes and ponds, which grow trees and shrubs of all climatic zones of the earth. The unique nature of the island to the land of ancient Tavria! Askania...


National Parks in Ukraine

Ukraine can be proud of its national parks and recreations. They are definitely different and unique. Every of them shot through with special atmosphere, which you can feel strolling about the parks. First of all they are special for its original nature. Their special “design” is made by nature without handiwork. That is made our national parks worth places to visit in Ukraine. If you want to experience atmosphere of tranquility, appeasement and incredible beauty, Ukrainian national parks are suitable for it.

Ukraine is famous for its wide and beautiful landscapes and special nature. So, there are number of national parks, which are impressed with its magnificence. Surely, everybody will love them in the spot.

Ukraine’s national parks – protected areas that are part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine. There are more than 40 national parks with a total area more than 10,000 square kilometers in Ukraine nowadays. Carpathian National Park, National Nature Park “Gutsulschina”, National Park “Skolevskie Beskidy”, Getmanskiy National Nature Park, Sofiyivsky Park in Uman, Askania Nova, National Park “Shatskiy”, that are situated in different district of Ukraine, is  necessary to see, while visiting Ukraine. Here you will find all information about every of them, its specialities and inknown facts.