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Historical Monuments | Interesting Ukraine

Historical Monuments

Khotyn Fortress: history and legends

Origin of the name Khotyn was explained in different ways: from man name Khotyn, widely spread in East Slavs in XI – XII c. (name means “nice”, “desired”); from a verb “khotet’” (want) or from name of chief of Kotizons’ clerks. Certain researches said about Turkic word “Hut” – “big fish”. Castle and city Khotyn left noticeable mark in history of Ukraine, Moldavia, Poland, Russia and Turkey. It is known that on a territory of future city was leaving Slavic tribes tivertsi (VIII – X centuries). In 2002 the city celebrated its millennium. Academics admit that at...

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle of Europe

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle: history Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle was built for protection of Turkish bridge, which was connective land neck between Old City, enclosed in a loop of the river, and the "mainland". On the ground of archaeological remains, on the territory of present-day castle in IX – XII centuries was a citadel with earthworks and wooden wall, which protected Slavic settlement of Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia. Wooden defenses were changed by stone after fire at the turn of XII and XIII c. In 1240 Batu’s hordes, the ruler of the Golden Horde, breaking walls, stormed into the...

Kiev Pechersk Lavra: history, facts, description

Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine is one of the biggest and greatest Orthodox churches. Monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has rank as a lavra. According to Nestor’s Chronicle it was founded in 1051 by reverend Antony as the cave monastery. Interesting facts about history of Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine On the basis of historical facts Kiev Pechersk Lavra is one of the monasteries in Rus, which set up a monachism. St. Anthony and Foektist, the abbot of Esphigmenou Monastery, on distant Mount Athos created the monastery originally as a cave monastery. This contribution had not gone...

Yavornytsky Historical Museum in Dnipropetrovsk

D. Yavornitsky Historical Museum in Dnepropetrovsk was founded in 1849 and is one of the oldest museums in Ukraine. At the root of the Yavornitsky Historical Museum in Dnepropetrovsk were the local leaders - A. Fabre, who was the governor of the province Ekaterinoslav and J. Grahov, who was a director of the gymnasium edge . A great contribution to the development of the museum did: a connoisseur and collector of stories, Paul A. and scientist, Academician D. Yavornytsky.   The total area of ​​the Yavornitsky Historical Museum in Dnepropetrovsk more than three thousand square...

The world’s only monument to service dogs

It was the first year of the war. Few people know that by order of the Fuhrer Kyiv had in a week's term to fall. On August 8 victory parade capital of the Ukraine was planning to visit Hitler himself, as well as the leader of Italy Mussolini. On the battlefield, and Uman between Cherkassy, ​​among the dead Soviet soldiers, lined with piles of equipment, were found numerous corpses of dogs. In a separate battalion Kolomiysky border detachment, which has heavy fighting retreat from the border, there were guard dogs. Near Legedzino battalion was surrounded. There were 500 men and...


Ukraine has a number of national monuments. In every city of Ukraine you can find many interesting original sculptures, which were masterly created and impressed with their greatness.

The most interesting historical monuments in Ukraine

First of all, these are historical monuments in Ukraine, which represented the most popular historical events and famous historical people. The Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Monument, The Motherland Monument, the Knyaz Vladimir Monument, The Great Patriotic War Monument, D. Yavornitsky Historical Museum and many other sights in Ukraine, which are unknown in the world, but are great and important for Ukrainian history.

Every of the historical places in Ukraine has historical base. For example, Babiy Yar is one of the saddest for Kyiv in the history of World War II. Here, Germans shot on different data from 30 to 150 thousand people of their nationality.

Beautiful historical constructions in Ukraine

In addition, there are many historical constructions, which is famous for its oldest creation and beauty. That can be bridges (such as Merepho-Khersonskiy railway bridge in Dnepropotrovsk), parks (Sophiyevky Park in Uman or Hutsulshchyna in the Western Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains) and museums (D. Yavornitsky Historical Museum in Dnepropetrovsk or Ukrainian Museum of National History in Kyiv).

In that topic everybody can find the most useful information about the greatest historical monuments and interesting facts about historical background of every of them.