All you didn`t know about Ukraine

Ukraine is an amazing combination of beautiful traditions and the spirit of freedom of true Cossacks. Moreover, it`s delicious cuisine, fascinating and diverse landscapes and wonderful heritage of ancestors. Here you will get a lot of interesting information and facts about Ukraine. We will tell you about things to do and things to see in the Ukraine. We sincerely wish that the site Unknown Ukraine has helped you to learn more about Ukraine. We want Ukraine stopped being unknown. We want you to fall in love with this country as we love it. We want to talk about the cities that will host Euro 2012 in Ukraine: Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv. Also, we want to talk about holidays that are approaching and the holiday dishes that are prepared for these holidays, about a winter holiday and the fabulous places which worth a visit this winter. We hope that we will be able to make Ukraine better known and more interesting!

Things to see and to do in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most interesting and beautiful country of East Europe. It is famous for its history, which starts from times of Kievan Rus. That’s why our country is full of historical things, what is interesting to see in Ukraine. Doubtless, you will find out that there are number of interesting facts that are left unknown for now. Ukraine is rich for numbers of sights: monuments, churches, museums, palaces. That list could begin from Kiev Pechersk Lavra or the Cathedral of St. Sophia and continue with Kiev Fortress or mountain Goverla. But it is not the only things to see here. Our country is special for its colorful and incredibly beautiful nature: Crimean Mountains and the Carpathians, Black and Azov Seas and green wide landscapes no one could leave unpleased. Ukrainians is very scrupulous for their traditions. Here you can find posts about the most interesting facts about traditional customs. Information about special and traditional dishes, which are prepared in different holidays in Ukraine, will be useful for people, who want to vary monotonous daily menu and find more interesting facts about cuisine in other countries. All that information about Ukraine is divided in many interesting categories, which codify facts, things and information for easy finding. At visitors’ disposal, here you can find posts about interesting things to see and to do in Ukraine. Also there is numbers of special facts about outstanding event, which made Ukraine famous all over the world – European Football Championship 2012. It is worth to see hosting city Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv. All interesting information about Ukraine includes facts about holidays, cuisine, attractions and famous Ukrainian people of nowadays and past, about our fascinating and diverse landscapes, etc.

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Donbass Arena in Donetsk

Donbass Arena stadium was designed long before decision about to host Euro 2012 in Ukraine had been made. Actually, Donbass Arena is the first stadium, which was ready to receive guests at Euro 2012.

Donbass Arena stadium »
Nature reserve Khortytsya

National nature reserve "Khortytsya" - a kind of miniature of Ukraine. This piece of land on the Dnieper River, an area of ​​12.5 by 2.5 miles includes all geographies of the country from the steppe to the mountains and deserts.

Khortytsya »
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka

Vyshyvanka - is the colloquial name of the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. History of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka, technician and methods of her implementation are by the world-wide type of art of the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian Vyshyvanka »
Askania Nova

Askania Nova is the world famous national park of Ukraine, one of Europe's Corner fescue-feather grass steppes, which was never touched by a plow. This unique animals and birds collected from almost all countries.

Askania Nova »

Sofiyivsky Park in Uman: history, architecture, objects

Everything in the museum of nature called "Sofiyivka” have enchanting beauty. That’s the idea, a compositional decision of Sofiyivka in Uman made of imitations of the stories from the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome, and some places look like habitation of the Greek gods, heroes and thinkers. Sofiyivsky Park in Ukraine: historical facts Sofiyivka was grounded on 1796 by magnate and owner of the town of Uman that period named Stanislav Pototskiy. The park was named as a tribute to Stanislav’s wife - Sofiya Vitt-Pototskaya. Sofiyivka was a compliment to her name day on May 1802....

Askania Nova

Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova is the world famous national park of Ukraine, one of Europe's Corner fescue-feather grass steppes, which was never touched by a plow. This unique zoo animals and birds collected from almost all countries of the world. In Askania Nova  wild animals found in the wild or in half of force. Most of the territory is beautiful botanical park with numerous artificial lakes and ponds, which grow trees and shrubs of all climatic zones of the earth. The unique nature of the island to the land of ancient Tavria! Askania Nova differ from other reserves in the fact that...